3J4FFCCAJHZHJECA806I2ACAP4OE0KCA4OZBO3CAECYEQ2CANCJA3ACA84OABUCABUZK05CAIMWGJPCA9ZZW1ICAOS9VWBCAYD0EQ4CAH5II10CATWYIHTCAACFQ2ACAEK3CRKCAB5NMBJCALP2E2CCAWDRMZFGeneral Therapy: Most types of therapy are covered by insurance. Dr. Christian is on panel with the following companies. However, he may be on more panels than those listed below so just call Central Billing (435-753-1600 x101) for a current list.



Most Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans


Federal Blue Cross

FMH Benefit

IHC’s Select Health Plans



Optim Health


PEHP (Mental Healthcare of Utah)

IHC Plans: Select Health, Select Care, Select Med, CHIP

Call the toll-free number on your insurance card to determine your mental health benefits. They will also tell you if you need an authorization. Call our office and the receptionist can help clarify insurance issues.

Insurance companies generally require you to pay the maximum allowable fee (their MAF) for services until your annual deductible is met. Then services are covered at your program’s agreed rate. Usually a co-pay is required. Co-pays must be made at the time of service. Payments may be made by check, credit card, or cash.

Marital therapy is usually not covered by insurance and must be paid for out of pocket. Marital therapy is charged at the rate of $100 per session.

Coaching: Since coaching is designed to help people achieve personal goals rather than correct clinical problems, it is not paid for by insurance. Coaching is charged at the rate of $100 for a 50-minute session. Sessions can be conducted in person at Dr. Christian’s office or by telephone. Payments may be made by check, cash or credit card.

Training/Speaking: Fees for trainings and other public speaking services are negotiated on a case by case basis. Fees depend on the number of hours required, materials needed, travel requirements, and other factors. Half of the fee is usually paid in advance to reserve the date and cover preparation. The other half is due upon completion of the event. Call for details.

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