Dr. Christian graduated as valedictorian of Dixie College (currently, Dixie State College) where he received his Associate’s Degree in 1981. He obtained his Bachelor’s of Science degree from University of Utah in 1983. He completed his Master’s Degree at Utah State University in 1989 and His Doctoral Degree in Professional and Scientific Psychology from Utah State University in 1992. USU’s program is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). He completed his APA-Accredited Internship at University of Mississippi Medical Center and VA Medical Center in 1992, one of the country’s leading research facilities for behavioral medicine and health psychology.

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WHIX8VCAOFH1K2CANM7RTKCA1QPHGUCA56YHN0CA442IFRCA4YAQ8VCA1XOF7CCATXC8NOCA0JJA0QCAYZLZ5RCANR7PG9CAZQNMBOCA2ON1M3CA07K085CAWQVQH4CAMINBPYCAMNL7ATCA9R5MLZCAHFWPOBIn 1998, Dr. Christian was recruited by Intermountain Health Care’s Center for Counseling in Logan, UT. He and his partners took over operation of that clinic in 1999 and re-named it Mt. Logan Clinic. Dr. Christian was an owner/member of Mt. Logan Clinic until December, 2009 when he created the solo practice in which he now operates.

Since 2004, Dr. Christian has served as a consultant with Avalon Hills Residential Eating Disorders Treatment Center. Avalon has a 12-bed adolescent facility in Petersboro, UT and a 12-bed adult facility in Paradise, UT. Dr. Chrisitan’s work at Avalon includes group therapy, staff training and supervision.

Dr. Christian has been a licensed psychologist in the State of Utah since 1998. 






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