I began developing my public speaking skills as a graduate student at Utah State University. I taught a variety of courses including the largest course on campus, General Psychology (430 students), conducted tele-courses through USU’s Distance Education Program, and provided public workshops on topics like stress management, test anxiety, and depression management.

While a professor at University of Idaho, I used my public speaking skills teaching graduate and undergraduate courses that included from 10 to 200 students. While at U of I, I served as the president of Idaho Orators, University of Idaho’s branch of Toastmaster’s International (TI). Toasmasters International is the world’s largest public speaking organization. As president of Idaho Orators, I helped promote public speaking among university faculty, staff and local citizens.  I also participated in  regional speaking competitions.

During my time at U of I, I provided a variety of workshops for both community and university audiences. Topics included Obesity Managment for Healthcare Providers (provided to local health care professinals at Gritman Hospital), Communication Skills for Attorneys, Weight Management workshops (for the community), Study Skills (For U of I’s Tutoring and Academic Assistance Center), and grant-funded trainings of State of Idaho employees in  the use of the Addiction Severity Index. I also provided health-related training in a grant-funded program for local middle-school students.

Currently, I speak to organizations and groups on topics of psychological interest. Topics include “Stress Management for Attorneys” (presented to the Utah State Bar Association), and Promoting Adherence to Medical Regimens (for physicians, nurses and other health-care professionals) and Clinical Creativity (for mental health professionals).

My background in both the teaching and practice of psychology is broad. If you have a particular interest, please ask and I would be glad to let you now what I could do for your organization.

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