Psychotherapy targets specific psycholgical problems like depression, anxiety or substance abuse. It’s goal is to restore normal function. Coaching helps individuals pursue personal goals and develop more advanced personal skills.

Dr. Christian is a graduate of MentorCoach Training. MentorCoach trains licensed mental health professionals to provide top quality coaching services. (See for a description of their program.)  At present, there are not licensure requirements for coaches, however, Dr. Christian is licensed as a psychologist by the State of Utah.  Though Dr. Christian brings his psychology experience to his coaching work, he is functioning as a coach.  If it becomes apparent that a coaching client needs psychotherapy, Dr. Christian will make that clear and refer the client for therapy.

Coaching work begins by clarifying your goals and values, i.e., the life directions that are most important to you. Examples of such values may include education, health, parenting, career, sports, marriage, etc. Dr. Christian will invite you to select one or a few values that you would like to focus upon. Coaching goals and a coaching plan will be developed to help you meet your objectives. 

Coaching fees are currently $100 per 50 minute session. Most major credit cards are accepted. If you would like to learn more about coaching and how it may help you, contact Dr. Christian to discuss your interests.

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