Dr. Christian

Dr. Christian is a licensed clinical psychologist. This web site describes the services he offers. You may call Dr. Christian’s receptionist to schedule an appointment or to see if he can help you with a particular need by calling Central Billing Office (435-753-1600 x101). Or email Dr. Christian at dchristian999@gmail.com. Leave no messages, posts or comments on this site as they are not routinely checked.

Dr. Christian currently offers the following services:

Assessment And Therapy: Dr. Christian offers assessment and therapy for general psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, marital and relationship issues, eating disorders, OCD, PTSD, stress-related problems, etc. Insurance usually pays for these services. Most major types of insurance are accepted.

Coaching:  Coaching helps you develop skills to achieve particular goals like job advancement, better parenting skills, or coping with particularly challenging situations. Dr. Christian is a graduate of MentorCoach, an organization that specializes in training mental health professionals to provide coaching. Coaching is not covered by insurance (since no clinical problem is treated).

Speaking/Workshops: Dr. Christian speaks to groups on topics of psychological interest and offers continuing education (CE) programs to professionals. A sample of topics follows:

  1. For Physicians–  “Promoting Treatment Adherence,” other topics by request.
  2. For Attorneys– “Stress Management,” other topics by request.
  3. For Psychologists– “Clinical Creativity,” “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,” “Motivational Interviewing,” “Burnout Prevention”and other topics by request.
  4. For Public Groups–  “Stress Management,” “Finding Flow,” and other topics by request.

If you would like Dr. Christian to speak to your group or organization he would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and interests.

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